A Guide to Air Conditioners

A Guide to Air Conditioners

For the past month, the heat brought about by the summer has been, safe to say, intense. There's no escaping it whether you're frolicking outdoors or relaxing indoors. We know you would like something to make your house cooler, or be in a more comfortable place even in the prevalence of heat. Here, we give you information on the different cooling systems for home and industrial use.

When buying a cooling system for your home or business, there are lots of things to consider such the machine's different modes, timer capabilities, energy efficiency, and controls. But the most valuable of them all is its ability to keep your surrounding comfortable. So, before your inner fickle-headed self emerge because of the weather, we give you a quick guide on the different types of air-conditioning (AC) systems. For when your trusty electric fan (or ceiling fan) just won't do the trick, the wonderful cool breeze of air conditioning should suffice.

Window AC

A window type air conditioning is a solid choice for use in bedrooms, or other small spaces, depending on the chosen unit's cooling capacity. It requires a permanent fixture, so you would have to install it in a window or a hole in an exterior wall. It expels the heat outside, and blows the cooled air inside.

Split AC

There are two parts in this type of AC. The other is inside (air handler), and the other is positioned outside (condenser), hence split. Split types can cool small to medium spaces. There is no need for a window hole, and the temperature control is easy.

Central AC

For heavy duty needs, a central AC type is the viable option. Made for industrial use, it is perfect for businesses and large format spaces. You can be sure that it will cool the surrounding air of the different parts of a building. It definitely improves indoor air quality, creating a comfortable environment.

Portable AC

Portable air conditioners are light enough to move to and from different parts of a home. It can cool a specific area in minutes, and is best mounted in flat level. At its back is a hose wherein the heat travels to discharge outside, so you would need to place it near an exterior wall for convenience. The portable AC's strength is its flexibility and its ability to satisfy your cooling needs quickly.


To maximize the power of floor-mounted air conditioners, limit physical obstructions to allow better airflow. Because the machine is grounded, the coolness spreads faster to those of close proximity. Floor mounted types are also ideal for commercial use, but it can also work for large residential places.

Air Coolers

Also known as swamp coolers, this device is a cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. Important tip: Do not use another type of AC together with a swamp cooler at the same time in one area. They have different cooling processes, and might cause unnecessary load on your AC which may increase your electricity bill.

Knowing the different characteristics of each air-conditioning units will help you decipher which one suits your indoor heat situation. Have you decided yet? Check out more brands and model units by visiting a Wilcon store near you!