Things to Know in Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Things To Know in Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Designing a bathroom can be a tricky task. You have to consider what look you're going for and if the fittings work well with the entire ambiance. Your bathroom's floor and wall tiles have the ability to drastically change the whole look and feel of the space. But how do you choose the right tiles? We made you a quick list of things to know when looking for new tiles.

Determine the Type and Size of Tile

Your bathroom floor must withstand the challenge of everyday use while maintaining cleanliness and style. Choose a tile that would look great and serve its purpose. The most popular type of tile is porcelain, which is created by heating refined clay to create a dense texture; and ceramic, which is made from heating and cooling natural clay and minerals.

Large tiles are meant for a barrier-free design. If you want large slabs, be particular with its slip-resistant feature. If you're aiming for more grout and slip-resistance, opt for the small format tiles. The bathroom is a moisture-prone area so it's crucial to consider these elements.

Decide the Design and Colors

This is where your personality will come into play. Experiment with figures, designs, and colors to reflect the theme you're going for. Popular theme for bathroom is clean, elegant and timeless.

There are also home makers who have turned their attention to setting a braver look by opting for dramatic patterns style. Keep in mind that lighter colors make a space appear bigger, so use this to your advantage. Meanwhile, darker colors exude warmth, and vibrant colors add energy and character. Neutral colors, on the other hand, will allow you to mix and match accessories without sacrificing with a tile makeover.

Seek Advice from the Experts

These tips serve as overview for your purchase. If you want to be more in-depth and armed to make the next step which is purchase, our sales personnel are more than willing to help you. Visit the Wilcon Depot branch nearest you, and make your home shopping easier and fruitful.