4 Ways to Make Your Home Rain-Ready

4 Ways to Make Your Home Rain-Ready

The rain is a wonderful force of nature, giving a sense of cleansing and calmness. For low-lying areas though, extreme rains could bring safety risks. The last thing we want to happen when we're under the rainy days is to scoop out ponds of water caused by leaks. So to enjoy the cozy weather comfortably tucked in without the worry, here's a list of things to take care of before heavy rains zero in on our areas.

1. Inspect House for Leakages

The roof is your first line of defense against the pouring of water. Check for cracks, holes, or other spots that may be alleyways for water to drip in.

2. Check for Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are openings to watch out for. Sometimes, the tiny, unnoticed gaps may be entry points for rainwater. This usually happens for worn out doors and windows, so if you feel like you need a repair, now's the best time.

3. Eliminate Moisture-Prone Areas

Prevent the spread of mosquitoes by avoiding stagnant water all-around your home. Mosquitoes breed in the murky waters such as pools, vases, pots, and other containers. Always take note to keep these containers empty.

4. Gear Up for Possible Flooding

Occasional flooding is a reality in our country. And once the water gets in, control is no longer an option, we just have to deal with the outcome. To prepare, make sure electronic items are at a higher platform and shut down the main electrical switch. Have an immediate relocation plan if the waters become too high.

Making your home rain-ready is not only about maintaining the quality of your house, it is also about protecting and keeping your loved-ones healthy. Rainy season entails typhoon and other natural-disasters that may cause potential harm. Always be on guard, and keep your home in tip top shape. Visit Wilcon Depot and we can help you with equipping your home for any weather, and any season of the year.