Emergency Preparedness Kit for Every Home

Emergency Preparedness Kit For Every Home

Safety is key in this season of unforeseeable weather. In this time of year where typhoons and flash flooding abound, it is strongly recommended that we have an emergency preparedness kit in our own homes. This kit should include the basic needs of your family for food, personal hygiene, medication, and emergency tools for survival. Below, we have a created a checklist of things you must prepare.

For your food and hygiene kit, we suggest that you pack in the following:

For your emergency tools, take note of these following items:

The onset of rainy season require us to be more aware of our surrounding. We should put the protection and safety on the lives of people, more than anything else. Compassion, courage, and the right amount of preparedness are combination all of us should have, not just this rainy days but any time of the year. For your tools and home needs, Wilcon Depot is also here whenever you want to visit. See more of us by browsing at our web site or by following us at our social media accounts at facebook.com/WilconDepot.Ph and instagram.com/WilconDepot.Ph.