4 Considerations In Buying Water Heaters

4 Considerations In Buying Water Heaters

Who doesn't love a warm shower this rainy month of July? We have officially charged to the second half of the year, and we all know what that means for our weather—wet season with a chance of cold days. We can combat cold mornings with nice, long, hot showers, which can also do wonders for our body. It relieves physical tension because it soothes our tired muscles, it opens up our pores due to the heat and consequently cleanses toxins, and it relaxes our body in a different way cold showers do. So if you're thinking of getting a new water heater or replacing the old one in your bathroom, read on the following four tips to make sure you get the right one.

1. Capacity

In choosing the right capacity, consider the number of family members who will use it, and the frequency of use. Water heaters have different gallon size storage.

2. Durability and Efficiency

You would want an appliance that is both energy efficient and durable. Energy efficiency will let you save on your energy cost, and durability assures you of a long life for your fixture.

3. Space Saving Feature

Never underestimate the benefit of properly sized water heater. Picking the one with just the right size for your household will allow you to maximize the shower's efficiency and features.

4. Type

Instant electric type occupies a small space. Water comes out directly when switched, but you will have to wait in between baths for water to heat up, as it can release a limited amount of water.

The storage type will occupy a larger space, with a few minutes to heat up. But once water is heated, it will release warm water for your entire bath, without breaks.

Hot showers are not only needed during cold days, we can actually benefit from it any day of the year. It is high time that we invest in bathroom fixture that will serve our family's needs for the long run. Complete your bathroom set up with an Ariston water heater, available at all Wilcon Depot stores.