Tile Installation Guide

Tile Installation Guide

Floor tiles are like clothing to bodies—it is something that protect us, and something we can be creative with. Tiles, like clothes can also represent its owners, because after all, how you appear is how people will perceive you. However, installing tiles may sound like an intimidating task for homeowners. But hey, with a few read-ups and tips from the experts, tile installation can be done personally. No need to call your resident handyman, because we have gathered info, and now we present you a simple guide on how to install tiles at your very own abode.

1. Know your subfloor, and identify tiles to be used

First off, be familiar with your home's subfloor. Thick subfloors can hold up heavier tiles, thinner subfloors, accordingly, can hold lighter tiles.

2. Layouting the tiles to your space

Make it a point to measure the tiles so that it will meet the wall completely. Measure using reference lines, and adjust your layout until you get the desired tile positions. In this process, you may have to cut some tiles, just make sure that it would be adequate.

3. Spreading mortar and placing tiles

Use a trowel to spread a thin-set mortar at your layout lines, and lay in your tiles. Do this section by section. Continue the process until you've covered the whole area.

4. Set the grout

Mix the grout according to instructions. Then, apply it in between tiles using a rubber grout float. Clean the excess grout using a sponge. Let it dry.

You see, it's not rocket science! It's time to unleash the inner D-I-Y-er in you. If you need tools and materials, Wilcon has got you covered. Visit any Wilcon branch nationwide, and we'll gladly assist you with your DIY needs.