4 Living Room Sofa Inspirations

4 Living Room Sofa Inspirations

In this world of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and numerous other tech revolution, it's still nice to find some time with the people close to your heart to just calm down and relax at the very comfort of a living room space. The living room can be a nest for leisure, entertaining guests, and conversations, all of which are activities that strengthen bonds among people. One staple item in the living room that can allow people to let their guards down and just enjoy the time is the sofa. Sofas set the tone of the living room, because it serves as the centerpiece of the area. This week, we give you a list of sofas to give you a glint of inspiration for your home.

1. Green Experiment

Green is a color that we very well know to exude a feeling of relaxation and calmness. One way that we can utilize the power of green in our home is to experiment with its various shades. This green sofa from Heritage can be the star of your living room. The prints takes on different green inspired designs and are accentuated with throw pillows. The sofa is also a sectional type, which means the two parts can be separated and placed to your own liking.

2. Print Play

For a touch of color to your living space, you may take a cue from this patchwork cushion eyecandy from Heim. Its bold patterns and solid designs pop out, creating a lively atmosphere. This set is a contemporary take on your home lounge.

3. Sofabed Comfort

For some families, dual functionality is a top of mind choice. Sofabeds are sofas that can also transform to beds, by pulling out a section of it. The advantage of a sofabed is its space saving feature, and the instant convenience it offers. This Heim sofabed gives functionality, practicality, and comfort for its users.

4. Dainty Package

Having a small living room space is not a reason to fret for home owners. Pick a small couch that carries a strong design. This black sofa from Heim is simple but it can bring in personality to your space. Add some similar colors and play with furniture that can complement its style.

Various furnishings can be mixed and matched to curate your very own living room space, with the sofa being the focal point. The sofa is the very item where people lounge and gather to spend time—make it extra special for your loved ones. Visit Wilcon Depot and browse from our showrooms of various living room set ups. For more design inspirations, follow us on our social media accounts at facebook.com/WilconDepot.Ph and instagram.com/WilconDepot.Ph.

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