Which Type of Bathtub Fits Your Home?

Which Type of Bathtub Fits Your Home?

You can experience luxury at home even in simple little versions. Home lavishness can be achieved by focusing on acquiring key furniture or fixtures that would surely make your life easier, comfortable, and secure. After all the work hard we do everyday, we deserve to set aside some time to relax and savor life's pleasures.

One home fixture you might want to add to your list of personal home luxury is the bathtub. Bathtubs are permanent fixtures which are used to bathe, and where you can just soak in after a long tiring day. There are heaps of choices out there in the market, but how do you determine which one to get? This week, we give you different types of bathtubs to help you mull over your decision.

Free Standing Tub

A free standing tub can give you flexibility of design and a look of elegance. However, you would need a bigger space to cater to its style.

Corner Tub

Corner bathtubs are made to fit a nook at your bathroom space. It is perfect for homes with a challenging space, as you will just have to look for a corner and fit it like a puzzle piece.

Whirlpool Tub

Whirlpool tubs are especially made to massage its users through air or water jets. Usually, whirpool tubs are made of acrylic, which is lightweight, cleanable, and comes in glossy finish.

A home fixture such as a bathtub needs a lot comparing and studying options as it is a pièce de résistance to an abode. But once you have chosen, you can make your bathroom your own personal happy space. Visit any Wilcon Depot branch and our sales professionals will assist you with your home needs.