4 Tips to Cozify Your Home

4 Tips to “Cozify” Your Home

Our homes are our very own comfort places. In between its four walls, we bask in the items that are special to us, such as family photographs, old but valuable cabinets, and other memorabilia. These things make our houses feel warm, safe, and comfortable. But aside from the sentimental component, there are also other ways to make homes cozy. This week, we have collated tips on how to “cozify” your abode.

1. Place upholstered furniture

To instantly "cozify" your space, placing upholstered furniture is a top of mind solution. Not only does it provide comfort when seating or lying, it is also an opportunity to be creative and add splashes of personality in the process of designing your space.

2. Let your pillows talk

Pillows almost always spell softness and smoothness. Adding in pillows on your sofa set and chairs is sure to bring in the spirit of coziness, for a more pleasurable relaxation time.

3. Choose the warmest colors

Warm fabrics make for a warm look, which translates to a home-y ambiance. The feeling of warmth exuded by mixing warm colors together will add to the overall cuddly home condition.

4. One, two, strike a balance

Try to mix and match materials. Soft materials that are clumped with hard and shiny surfaces such as a big chair is one prime example. Play with visual textures, and mix together items with different attributes.

Put together items and materials of different textures, make sure to put into consideration the science of ergonomics, and position items in the most convenient way possible, to achieve the cozified look you're going for. Visit a Wilcon store near you and our sales personnel would be glad to assist you with your home shopping.