Things You Need to Know About HVLS Fans

Things You Need to Know About HVLS Fans

Living in a country with a tropical climate like ours, ventilation is always a top consideration in various indoor settings. In industrial settings such as airports, warehouses, and the likes, balancing air movement is a challenge, primarily because of its commonly large settings and some uncontrollable variables. Here is when industrial fans enter. Luckily, MacroAir, a brand dedicated in delivering innovative design and cost-effective ceiling fans to the market, has made its way to the Philippines, offering High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) model fans.

HVLS fans are large ceiling industrial fans that move in high volume, but in low speed. This mechanism allows gentle air movement and effective circulation of high volume of air over a large area, without creating inefficient turbulence. MacroAir fans save energy when integrated with Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems. An ideal solution for any business or company with a large setting, HVLS fans can mitigate air quality challenges such as insufficient ventilation, excessive humidity and moisture, and imbalanced air distribution. By moving air, you can increase air conditioning temperature without affecting people's comfort levels, while also saving energy. To be more familiar with what HVLS fans can do for ventilation, below are 3 things you need to know about HVLS fans.

1. Efficient in Air Management

Because of its special mechanism, a MacroAir HVLS fan is able to regulate the temperature of a warehouse facility in an effective and efficient way. HVLS fans de-stratify the air and blend heat layers that build up from the ceiling down. This process helps remove trapped heat pockets that are common in large facilities.

2. Energy Saver

In using an HVLS fan, you will be able to circulate air inside a building with less need for air-conditioning units. An HVLS fan's energy consumption is also low, making it a strong option against other solutions in the market.

3. Provides Comfort

With better air distribution, less noise, and less energy consumption, the overall positive impact greatly benefits the people in the area. For example, employees who work at a warehouse will feel better because of better ventilation, which means better work environment, consequently resulting to a better quality of work.

For more information about MacroAir HVLS Fans, you may visit their website at or visit a Wilcon Depot store near you and our sales personnel will assist you.