Ways To Make Your Office Desk Comfy


Your office is your second home and your office desk is a place where you spend one-third of your life. A study says that, physical environment is one of the key influencing stress, productivity and team collaboration.

It appears in a study that work environment is vital for employee's decision making whether taking or leaving the job. Most of them prefer to work in a clean and tidy workplace and a workplace that provides easy access to people and equipment. In addition, employees also look for a visually appealing or pleasant work area and a well-lit and well-ventilated environment.

This week, we are sharing to you tips on how to make your office desk comfy.

Invest in a great chair

Since you are spending most of the hours in your office cubicle, an ergonomic and comfortable chair is worth every cents!

Select homey accessories

Feel and own it as your own personal home. Choose extras that will help you improve the comfy feeling of your office desk like trendy sticky notes, personalized mug, and wrap your cork board in a gorgeous fabric. To add more color to your office desk, you can hang an inspiration prints on the wall or a classic painting.

Organize horizontally and vertically

Is your office desk swimming with paper works and office documents? Well, it is time to organize your area. Use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important papers within arm's reach, designate one drawer for your “to-do” papers, get a nice basket to tame your papers and notes and wooden or metal cube storage for alternative to bookshelves.

Be Inspired!

You cannot avoid that at some point, you lost focus and energy during the working hours, uplift your spirit with a cute photo frame of your loved ones on your desk, or a photo of your recent travel escapade. This motivation helps you create and/or get the work done so you can finish your tasks on time.


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