Wilcon implements additional precautionary measures to protect employees and customers

Wilcon Depot, the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, has been implementing precautionary measures to prioritize the health and safety of its employees and customers and maintain excellent customer service while limiting the risk of spread of the virus.

To “normalize” the continuity of its business operations, Wilcon introduces a “standard of care” to help minimize any contribution to the spread of the virus—making its stores and corporate offices safer and healthier for its valued customers and employees. 

For Wilcon, its customers and employees’ safety is an utmost importance and priority the giant retailer strictly observes the following safety regulations and recommendations.

Wilcon has modified its regular stores policies to observe social distancing protocols. Wilcon encourages customers and employees to maintain a 1-meter radius distance from other individuals. Physical distancing queue marks and indicators have been placed within the store. Seats have designated vacant spaces in between. The number of customers entering the store is also regulated and queuing will be organized outside the store entrance. Wilcon believes that practicing social distancing is one of the best ways for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Temperature screening protocol prior to entry in the office and store premises is required. When the individual’s temperature is 37.5℃ and above, the employee or customer will not be allowed for entry. They will be directed at a designated area for evaluation and medical advice. 

Customers must use personal protective equipment like face mask upon entering store premises and throughout their shopping journey. While employees are also mandated to wear a face mask, face shield, and hand gloves in performing duties and assisting customers. Wilcon employees are also trained to reduce physical contact during transactions with customers while safety partitions and protective barriers made of transparent plastic are installed at each area of the store to provide supplementary safety support and to reduce exposure during customer-and-employee interactions.

All Wilcon stores go through heightened cleaning and disinfection procedures before and after daily operations to lessen the risk of spreading the virus by touch. Wilcon safety officers also implement routine cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces like door handles, elevator, escalators, and washrooms, among others. These sanitation routines will ensure that customers will not contract the virus by touching an infected area. Foot baths are also available at the entrance to disinfect shoes. Alcohol and sanitizer are also available for use which is provided at different designated areas within the office and store premises.

Wilcon employees promote and follow the best hygiene practices like washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer throughout the day. To help lessen exposure and infection risks, Wilcon safety officers recommend employees and customers to avoid touching their mouth, nose, and eyes and refrain from any physical contact while shopping. 

By doing these precautions inside its stores and corporate offices, Wilcon is closely working to help abate the spread of the virus and will continually take proactive measures conforming to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health (DOH) standards for COVID-19 mitigation to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of its valued customers, employees, and the community where it operates.

Wilcon is committed to actively play a part in the country’s fight against this threat. The company has been doing all that they can to protect its employees and customers, while continuing to serve the Filipino homeowners and builders with high-quality home improvement and building needs.

Wilcon continuously promotes high standards of health and safety measures for its customers and employees which have always been their top priority.

Amidst the unprecedented times, Wilcon will remain committed and fulfill its mission to help the Filipino community in building, improving, and refining their homes for a sustainable and comfortable life. Shop now for your home improvement and building needs nationwide as Wilcon Depot guarantees a safe and convenient shopping experience for everyone.

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