Wilcon Depot Gears Up For Continued Leadership And Transformation

WB Awardees, Wilcon Depot Libis and Balintawak branches

Wilcon Depot, the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, gears up for its continued leadership and digital transformation in the retail construction industry. 

Wilcon Depot recently conducted its annual Sales Kickoff Conference for all its retail leaders from all over the Philippines. The two-day virtual event aims to train its workforce to continuously fulfill its topmost principle of delivering an excellent customer experience by innovating and personalizing its in-store and digital store shopping journey.

With the theme: “I AM WILCON,” the webinar aims to communicate the leadership skills they need to acquire and the core values they need to embody in gearing up towards raising its standard in leadership and pursuing digital transformation in its business operations and strategies.

As the most preferred home-building partner for Filipinos, Wilcon believes that its values represent the heart of its company. Clearly communicating these values to its workforce will serve as its ingrained principles that will guide its actions and functions as a company.

William T. Belo, Wilcon Depot Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Lorraine Belo-Cincochan, Wilcon Depot President & CEO

Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO

Careen Y. Belo, Wilcon Depot EVP-Chief Product Officer

Understanding that company core values should never be compromised, Wilcon channels these values to its retail leaders and employees and reiterates the essentiality of being rooted in the company values.

The annual conference keynote speaker, Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, shared the seven Wilcon core values that every Wilcon leader and employee should keep in mind.


It is a significant value to live by one’s deepest values. It speaks that the Wilcon workforce are honest with everyone and always keep their word. Integrity is the foundation on which they build relationships and trust.


It allows them to serve their customers effectively and provide an excellent customer experience. Wilcon recognizes that successful companies innovate, and if they will improve and develop, they will definitely have a great future ahead.


Wilcon wants to fulfill loyalty to their customers and the company. Its loyalty to customers would mean giving what they’ve promised them, and for its company, loyalty means having a mindset of staying and growing together with the company.


Wilcon acknowledges that they will thrive if they recognize one another’s strengths. So, instead of just having teamwork, Wilcon wants collaboration as it fosters working together with equality to come up with ideas or make decisions together to achieve a goal.


This value speaks of going above and beyond the average level of service. Service excellence combines empathy and foresight that anticipates the customer’s needs and makes the desired outcome available. Wilcon believes that no matter how good our product is, they have to ensure that experience is there to succeed.


In adapting to the changing times, Wilcon is committed to bringing delight to their customers by exceeding expectations, building authentic relationships and curating excellent customers’ journey.


As the company grows, Wilcon raises the bar of the construction retail industry. During the crisis, the company embodies the most critical leadership behaviors and characteristics that lead them to be more resilient, more prepared, and more innovative than ever.

The company continuously strives to improve and provide high-quality products and customer experience to its valued shoppers nationwide. Through its relentless leadership training and staying true to its culture and core values, Wilcon Depot’s aspiration to be part of every Filipino’s journey to build, improve, and refine homes for a more sustainable and comfortable life will surely be fulfilled.

This year, Wilcon Depot plans to open an additional twelve (10) retail stores as part of fulfilling its #FlyingHighTo100 store expansion campaign, wherein they aim to have 100 operating stores nationwide by 2025, barring any unexpected external factors.

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