Wilcon Depot Launches ‘Dapat Totoo’ Sales Kick Off – Redefining Genuine Service

Wilcon Depot commenced the new year with an interactive kickoff event, unveiling its initiatives at the Annual Sales Kickoff held at Shangri La, The Fort Manila. Setting the tone for 2024 with the theme “Dapat Totoo,” Wilcon Depot aims to reinforce its commitment to integrity and honesty. The event spans five days and comprises two distinct parts. The initial segment takes place from January 3 to 5, while the subsequent portion unfolds from January 14 to 15.

As a trusted building partner for Filipino homeowners and builders nationwide, the company strives to stay true to the company’s principles and in building a lasting legacy in the hearts of their valued customers. The annual Sales Kickoff fosters a unified vision and empowers the entire organization to work cohesively towards achieving common objectives. The event also provides a unique opportunity for Wilcon Depot to align their goals, share insights, and collaborate on strategies  that will drive growth and success.

The event featured distinguished guest speakers, including Ms. Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Wilcon Depot; Arch. Cathy Saldaña-Siegel, President of PDP Architects and an acclaimed award-winning architect; Mr. Jako de Leon, the President of the Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines (CICP), renowned as a content creator, consultant, strategist, and producer, and Ms. Maria “Monette” Montserrat Iturralde-Hamlin, Founder and President of TeamAsia and serves various socio-civic organizations like Women’s Business Council of the Philippines (WomenBizPH), Government Academe Industry Network (GAIN), and Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (PACEOS), in various capacity.

The speakers play a pivotal role in inspiring every team leader to adopt, implement, and practice integrity and honesty in every business operation at all times. Dapat Totoo in action involves integrity must be placed on these 5 P’s: Process, Product, People, Profit, and Planet. It includes maintaining genuine and transparent communication with the customers, upholding the established norms, intensifying trust, and aligning marketing efforts with the core values of the company. Dr. William T. Belo, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of Wilcon Depot, Ms. Lorraine Belo-Cincochan, President and Chief Executive Officer, together with other Wilcon Depot executives graced the event. 

Celebrating over four decades of service, Wilcon Depot remains dedicated to enhancing its home improvement and construction supplies solution for the Filipino communities. The company has consistently demonstrated a proactive approach in delivering best results through its campaigns and strong initiatives. 

“Dapat Totoo,” sums up Wilcon Depot’s guiding principle for 2024. This theme underscores the company’s commitment to transparency, integrity, and delivering on promises, deepening the credibility of the company. Implementing this theme across all aspects of Wilcon’s operations aims to stimulate sales, contributing to the continued momentum of the #FlyingHighTo100 campaign.

In 2024, Wilcon Depot is geared towards enhancing the overall experience for both customers and suppliers. With a focus on integrity and honesty, the company is set to roll out initiatives that will streamline processes, offer more competitive advantages, and ensure a seamless partnership for suppliers. Customers can expect an even more reliable and customer-centric experience.

“Integrity has to be in place of our lives in full spectrum – holistically, as a Wilconian.” said Ms. Rosemarie Bosch – Ong, SEVP and COO of Wilcon Depot.

The Annual Sales Kickoff marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Wilcon Depot, where integrity, growth, and customer satisfaction are the company’s priority.
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