Wilcon Depot Welcomes the Year of the Wood Dragon with Marites Allen

Embracing the rich traditions and cultural significance of the Chinese New Year, Wilcon Depot, the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, joyfully welcomes the Year of the Wood Dragon with a Wilcon CNY Specials “Home Harmony, Luck, and Prosperity with Marites Allen.”

In a bid to make this year’s celebration more meaningful and spiritually significant, Wilcon Depot has invited Ms. Marites Allen to impart her wisdom on Feng Shui practices, offering customers helpful insights into harmonizing their living spaces and inviting prosperity into their homes.

“A year of transformation, abundance, and letting go.” With these words, Allen encourages participants to embrace change, welcome prosperity, and release anything that holds them back, as the Wood Dragon symbolizes a period of change.

“The auspicious Year of The Dragon is a very special time since we are entering a new 20- year feng shui cycle, the ‘Period of 9’. which will be ruled by fire element” She states.

Home Harmony, Luck, and Prosperity with Marites Allen

Home improvement, minor or major, is a good sign of starting the year ahead. Marites Allen advises the participants to install new varnished doors, redesign walls with a fresh coat of paint, replace the old carpets, select new lighting fixtures, and upgrade roofs to enhance the flow of positive energy throughout the house.

Introducing nine new pieces of furniture to one’s home promises to infuse the living space with happiness, good health, and good fortune. Home improvement items from Wilcon Depot, such as Alphalux, Pozzi, and Nobizzi, are among the brands Marites mentioned to consider when renovating a house. 

The most important factor in Feng Shui is the direction of the space as each area holds unique elemental qualities that influence the energy flow within your home. Activating Feng Shui principles in the southern area can attract prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. The north fosters positive transformation and financial prosperity, while the east cultivates victory and harmony.

“Green is the lucky color of the Year, which is also the color of Wilcon Depot” Allen asserts. 

Utilizing products from Wilcon Depot, she also shares some strategic tips on placing home fixtures to encourage positive energy. Marites Allen also hosts an interactive Q&A session with the audience to address specific points in her presentation.

In addition to the activities, the company encourages customers to explore their premium products and curated selection of home improvement items at any Wilcon Depot and Wilcon Home Essentials/Do it Wilcon stores nationwide. From essential building materials to aesthetic home furnishings, customers can find everything they need to enhance their living spaces and usher in good fortune for the coming year.

Wilcon Depot’s commemoration of Chinese New Year unfolds as a two day event, commencing at the Libis Branch on February 7 and continuing at the Balintawak Branch on February 8. This dual-location celebration ensures that customers and communities in both areas can partake in the activities Wilcon Depot has prepared.

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