Wilcon Depot Takes a Green Step Forward

As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, Wilcon Depot has long championed initiatives that promote environmental stewardship and community engagement.  While the company has garnered recognition for its high quality products and services over the years, it remains steadfast in its mission to fortify its identity as a responsible business that also prioritizes environmental conservation.

In a bid to further its commitment to environmental sustainability, Wilcon Depot, a leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, supported the annual tree planting activity of Philippine Retailers Association (PRA). Rambutan, Cacao, and Soursop trees take root in Brgy. Cayumbay, Tanay, Rizal, during the event held on February 2, 2024. These 114 fruit-bearing trees will play a crucial role in improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, mitigating soil erosion, and creating habitats for various species.

This initiative is an advocacy project led by the HR Council of the Philippine Retail Association (PRA), featuring an environmentally conscious theme, “Rooting for a Greener Tomorrow: Planting Trees, Growing Hope.” Sixteen private sectors, including Wilcon Depot, have actively joined hands to support this cause. 

Five representatives from Wilcon join this cause, contributing to the overarching goal. The company’s involvement in this tree planting initiative underscores the company’s mission to balance urban development with environmental preservation for future generations. Wilcon Depot reinforces its commitment to sustainable practices and endeavors to be an example for other companies to follow suit and take action towards a greener and environmentally conscious future.

Looking ahead, PRA’s commitment extends to nurturing the planted trees. Six to eight months after the tree planting activity, the organization will embark on a nurturing project to ensure the well-being and growth of the trees. The post-planting care demonstrates a sustained commitment to the environment beyond the initial event. 

Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) is an esteemed organization dedicated “to retailers and for retailers.” Its primary mission is to empower Filipino retailers with vital and up-to-date industry insights to propel their businesses to new heights and onward to global competitiveness. 

Wilcon Depot is at the forefront of providing premium products that align perfectly with current industry trends and consumer needs. With over 46 years of experience in the industry, Wilcon Depot has become the go-to destination for all-around home building and improvement needs. Wilcon carries a limitless product selection ranging from Tiles, Sanitarywares, Plumbing, Furniture, Home Interior, Building Materials, Hardware, Electrical, Appliances, and other DIY items. The company operates a vast network of stores across the country, serving both homeowners and professionals in their construction and renovation needs. As a trusted building partner, Wilcon Depot continues to push boundaries by incorporating digital initiatives and providing its customers with an exceptional shopping experience in in-store or online formats.
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